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Buddha Shrines by Joanne Frewer

Artist: Joanne FrewerAbout the Artist

In her present work, Joanne enjoys plein air painting and crafting miniature dioramas of the spiritual in everyday life. She has lived in beautiful West Vancouver for 35 years.



Recent Exhibitions

2009 - Solo exhibition - HALL OF 100 RIVERS, DR. SUN YAT-SEN CLASSIC CHINESE GARDEN Vancouver B.C.
2010 - Solo exhibition - CORE GALLERY Vancouver B.C.
2011 - Group exhibition- FERRY BUILDING GALLERY - West Vancouver B.C.



1962-67 DE YOUNG MUSEUM, SAN FRANCISCO- Drawing, Weaving, Fabric Arts
1967-74 KAUAI COMMUNITY COLLEGE - Watercolour and Chinese Brush Painting under WAI HANG LAI
1987-94 PRIVATE STUDY in Chinese Brush Painting under CHENG GUO YAN
1995-98 NORTH SHORE CONTINUING EDUCATION- Life Drawing, Oils, Watercolour, Acrylics under KAL
1998-2003 VANCOUVER ACADEMY OF ART Drawing, Pastels, Portrait Painting, Life Drawing,
under PAUL CHIZIK and others



Each [shrine] draws you into a world where you might meet Buddha in Mexico or in his kitchen, or the God of Wealth
in a forest. Each work is an expression of serenity and joy.

CATHY GIBLER Executive Director - Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Garden

Joanne Frewer’s intricate handmade shadowboxes pull you into a detailed miniature world where deities roam.


Visual Poems. Revealing the humorous in the sacred....the sacred in the humorous. The magic place where art and
spirit find a place to live together

ROBERT PLOSS - Core Gallery

Very unique and compelling shadowboxes were appreciated by our visitors and gallery patrons.

RUTH PAYNE - Visual Arts Coordinator - Ferry Building Gallery


Buddha Shrines

Visual Poems revealing the humourous in the sacred, seeing the sacred in the humourous.

In every traditional culture, the Home has a spiritual focal point - the Hearth,  the Garden, or,  perhaps, the Fountain or the Grove - where the Spirits dwell. 

The traditional home would also have a family shrine for the ancestors, a spirit box for the guardians, or a Butsudan for the sacred scroll.    Our modern homes are often lacking these focal points.

Joanne’s Shrines offer us an opportunity to give our home a point of focus that will energize us. 

They can be the magic place where art and spirit find a place to live together.

Stop by the studio to check out the rest of the collection!

Buddha 1



Buddha 2




Mobiles by Bob Ploss


About the Artist

Bob Ploss aka "Bob the Builder" is the renovation contractor responsible for building the studio as you see it. Some of the decorative and specialty fixtures and furniture are also his work. The mobiles are a bit of a departure from the necessary and practical. They are perhaps the consequence of a late blooming childhood?

Bob grew up and was educated in Berkeley, California and graduated from the University of California, Berkeley in 1968. He studied a wide range of subjects but was always drawn back to art, particularly sculpture. Much time was spent in the company of Peter Volkos and Gideon Sarig. He worked in Peter's foundry on large bronze castings and with Gideon on aluminum constructions.

Being a Libra, the issues of balance and beauty are always in the foreground.

The hanging mobiles are all for sale (ask about prices). If something strikes your fancy, comissions are welcome - larger, smaller, different figures, indoor, outdoor. There is a comission in the works for a mobile of flying dragons..


Artist: Bob Ploss