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Pilates Unlimited T-ShirtPilates Unlimited "Teaser" Tshirt

Sizes: S, M, L, XL

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Pilates ToeSox

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Toe Sox keep the toes spread and separated so that they can stretch naturally. The muscles in your feet need to be exercised just like every other muscle in your body. Toe Sox help strengthen the muscles of your feet allowing for overall better balance and posture.

Toe Sox increase both your balance and, more importantly, your control. You no longer need to worry about slipping on the reformer or falling off the cadillac; with a non-slip sole, your Toe Sox will give you that added control.

Allow your toes to spread more naturally. Our toes are crammed in socks and shoes all day and so they very mush deserve this liberation. Reawaken your feet and wiggle your toes to get that blood circulating.

Toe Sox are a hygienic alternative to bare feet. If everyone wore toe sox in your favorite clean Pilates studio, the studio would remain that much cleaner!

ToeSox feature a horizontal stripe at the metatarsal head which is a great visual cue to proper foot alignment during reformer, cadillac and mat workouts. It's a quick way to check your foot alignment and readjust as needed. With seam free 100% cotton, your toes will be comfy and very happy!

Sizes: Women's/Men's

XS: 3-5.5/3-4.5
S: 6-8/5-7
M: 8-10.5/7-9.5
L: 11-13/10-12

Toesox Styles: Ankle, Low rise, Bella

Price: $22.95+Tax

Knee High Scrunch

Price: $24.95+Tax

Toe-less Sox: Ankle

Price: $17.95+Tax


Various colours available in studio. Prices and styles subject to change.


ToeSox Five Toe Sandals

Pilates Toe SandalsFive Toe Sandals with four posts create space between each toe to help you spread all of your toes for proper alignment. Spreading your toes will strengthen your feet and increase blood circulation. Many foot ailments are caused by poor toe alignment and poor circulation. Five Toe Sandals secure each toe providing improved stability without flip flopping.Get stronger, healthier and happier feet. Finally! Flip flops that are good for your feet!

Some highlights!

• Exercise your feet
• Four posts naturally align toes and feet
• Increases foot strength and blood circulation
• Proper bone alignment helps to correct
a variety of foot, back and leg ailments
• Anatomical foot bed for comfort and support
• Improves posture
• Reduce foot and leg stress
• Breathable vegan leather strap

Check Toe Sox website for current available styles.

Sizes: Women's shoe size 5-10

Price: Please call or email for price quote

Prices and styles subject to change.  Sandals special order only.


ToeSox Grip Gloves

Pilates Grip GlovesGrip Gloves by ToeSox provide secure hand placement on any surface. Great for yoga, Pilates, spinning, and for traveling without a mat. The half-finger style gives fingers tactile sensitivity. A terry cloth thumb for perspiration absorption. With an adjustable wrist band and form-fitting fabric, Grip Gloves are securely fitted and comfortable. Glove material is 50% Polyester; 50% Microbfiber.

Color: Black

Price: $27.95+Tax

Grip Gloves special order only.