Monique Haziza

Studio Owner, BA Dance, Kinesiology, Master Pilates Instructor, Rehabilitation Specialist

Pilates Instructor: Monique HazizaMonique has been teaching Pilates since 1995, after completing a comprehensive 800+ hour training program with Dianne Miller in Vancouver, obtaining her certification through the Physical Mind Institute. She is a founding member of the Canadian Pilates Association, sitting on its' board of directors for 3 years. Monique was involved in creating Pilates instructor standards and an examination for the BCRPA. In 1997 Pilates Unlimited was established (the 2nd studio in Vancouver). In 1999 Monique was awarded the Entrepreneur of the Year award, and Pilates Unlimited has since been voted, by Vancouverites, as the Best Pilates Facility from 2003 to present.

Monique has extensive experience with Rehabilitative Pilates, having successfully assisted those with physical limitations or disabilities, to a better quality of life. Monique has worked with many individuals who've been in motor vehicle accidents, those with chronic pain and with individuals suffering from spinal cord injuries, just to name a few.

From 1999-2003 Monique taught Instructor Training courses for the Physical Mind Institute. By 2004, she developed her own curriculum for training, successfully "graduating" many highly sought-after instructors in both the Pilates Mat work and the full Equipment repertoire. Many of her students now own, operate or work in successful studios across Vancouver, its suburbs, Northern & Interior B.C., Alberta and Saskatchewan.

Continuing education is a priority, and Monique has taken many training courses and workshops over the years, including courses with Karen Carlson, Marie Jose, Eric Franklin, and Marika Molnar. Monique has certificates in Hyperton X and Bio-Kinesiology, and has taken workshops focusing on the shoulder, hips and pelvis and sports-specific muscle testing. In addition, she takes sessions in complimentary modalities such as Rolfing, Gyrokinesis and Massage Therapy. Pilates Unlimited is a member of the both the Canadian Pilates Association and the Pilates Method Alliance.



Gannon Johnson

Master Pilates Instuctor, AFAA Certified Personal Trainer

Pilates Instructor: Gannon JohnsonGannon's training includes Physicalmind Institute certified 1999, AFAA certified personal trainer 1992 and Lonna Mosow’s Pilates studio certified instructor 1994.

Gannon has been in the fitness industry since 1992. Starting out as one of the first trainers to bring Pilates to his hometown of Minneapolis, Minnesota, Gannon opened his first Pilates studio in 1999. He continued his personal training career with Lifetime Fitness Athletic Clubs in Minneapolis, where he had the opportunity to blend his Pilates training with the latest in fitness trends. Gannon has lived in Vancouver since 2008 and brings a positive fun attitude to his Pilates instruction, as well as providing a great mind and body workout to his clients.


Michelle Barker

Certified Pilates Instuctor

Pilates Instructor: Michelle Barker“Don't hate me because I am beautiful, hate my Pilates Teacher”.  Michelle is a certified Pilates Teacher and a Physiotherapist Assistant (PTA) with the Canadian Physiotherapist Association (CPA).  She has been in the fitness industry for over 20 years and has specialized in Pilates for the past 16 years.  Michelle co-owned Pilates West Vancouver Workout Center for 8 years and had a home studio for over 6 years in West Vancouver and Bowen Island.  Michelle has an extensive educational Pilates background, having the pleasure of studying with some of the best teachers in the industry.  Some of her training includes Stott Pilates Education Method, Polestar Pilates/Polestar Rehabilitation, and Dianne Miller Pilates Teacher Education Program, as well as many continuing educational workshops. Michelle is trained in barre fitness and started the Barre Program at Hollyburn Country Club.  Her love of Pilates has never wandered. 

“Each time I teach I feel rewarded that I have made my clients feel better, stronger and more mindful”.


Jenn Nurse

Certified Pilates Instructor

Pilates Instructor: Jenn NurseWe find true value in experiences when guidance empowers us to connect the dots and create alignment with the elements that are most important in our lives. This is cultivated through an awareness of our own being and strengthening the connections between mind, body and soul. 

Jenn has spent most of her life exploring these connections and has always found solace in sharing her training and life experiences with others. From inspiring and coaching basketball teams at a young age to earning her black belt in Taekwondo at the age of 19. She has risen to the ranks of a P.A.D.I Dive Master and continues to grow as an educator and Athlete.

As someone who understand the benefits of an active lifestyle she focuses her practice (Pilates) on using controlled movements, with an emphasis on alignment, breathing, developing a strong core, and improving coordination and balance.

Jenn completed a comprehensive 800 + hour program where she received training in both Pilates Mat work and the full equipment repertoire.  She recently became certified through Pilates Method Alliance receiving her CTA certification. She currently works part-time at Pilates Unlimited in Vancouver BC

Her clients gain valuable insights and foster those lessons into improving their quality of life - strengthening the connection between mind, body and soul.


Katie Stradwick

Certified Pilates Instructor

Pilates Instructor: Katie Stradwick

A competitive gymnast and active tomboy in my youth and a weekend fitness warrior in my 20’s & 30’s, resulted in a myriad of nagging injuries. Due to these injuries I was turned on to Pilates and it literally changed my life. 

The discipline of practice through strengthening, alignment and flexibility have rewarded me with a stronger body and mind. My weaknesses have become strengths and Pilates has given me a solid foundation to carry on with all my other activities I do throughout the day. Now when I’m out running with my dog in Stanley Park or Paddle boarding in English Bay, I can carry my Pilates practice with me and protect myself from injury.

My personal philosophy is to help facilitate people in achieving their goals and objectives, safely. I look forward to working with you and building your own practice. See you soon!



Olivia Shaffer

Certified Pilates Instuctor

Wrap Text around ImageOlivia Shaffer is a Certified Mat work Pilates Instructor and a professional contemporary dancer.  She completed her classical mat work and BCRPA recognized training under Monique Haziza at Pilates Unlimited Fitness and Rehabilitation Studio, in Vancouver.  Olivia also holds a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Dance from Simon Fraser University.  In addition to her dance and Pilates training, Olivia has also trained extensively in somatic based practices under Helen Walkey in the Developmental Movement Patterns and Laban Movement Analysis.

Olivia was first introduced to the Pilates Method while completing her formative dance training, though she has spent the last 6 years deepening her appreciation for the form while working as a receptionist at Pilates Unlimited.  For Olivia, Pilates has become an integral part of maintaining a strong and balanced body; she takes great pleasure in sharing the benefits of Pilates and the joy of movement with her students.   


Chelsea Williams

Certified Pilates Instuctor

Pilates Instructor: Chelsea Williams width=One of my passions is people:  more specifically, the brain, behaviour, and movement which led me to be accepted into the Human Kinetics program at Capilano University and Psychology at University of the Fraser Valley.  Another passion is movement and music, which was realized in my youth through dance and sports, and specifically skiing and snowboarding.  So when a fellow instructor invited me to attend a Pilates Mat class it was no surprise that I was instantly hooked!  To experience the intelligent combination of mind and body working together to provide functional movement was an “a-ha” moment and my segue into the wellness community of Pilates as a helping profession.

I received my mat and reformer certifications with Balanced Body University at Meridian Pilates Studio in Vancouver.  My teacher-trainer, Angela Stevenson, who as a part of the brilliant team of movement therapists working with clients at Diane Lee & Associates Physiotherapy in White Rock, gave me the tools to take my teaching to the next level.  In addition to Angela’s extensive knowledge in the mind-body field, my teaching has benefitted from continued studies in related disciplines: Experiential Anatomy with Jane Ellison (Body-Mind Centering) I continue to be inspired daily by the personal growth of the minds and bodies that attend my group classes.  I have observed how Pilates allows my clients to become more ‘functional’ movers and more skilled at managing stress and pain in their everyday activities by being mindful of their breath and posture through that connection with deep core muscles.

For those experienced clients who would like to take their Pilates practice to an even deeper level, or absolute beginners, who would like to establish a solid foundation of awareness and stability, I invite you to join me for private-training, in addition to group classes.


Myola Pautler

Certified Pilates Instuctor

Pilates Instructor: Myola PautlerMyola was introduced to Pilates while attending York University as a dance major.  After Graduating from York University with a BA in Dance, Myola moved to Courtenay BC, where she started taking her Pilates practice more seriously.  While living in Courtenay Myola decided to become a Pilates Instructor.  After researching all the different options Myola moved back to Toronto to do Stott Pilates compressive mat and reformer course.    Feeling the Call of the West, Myola moved back to BC, this time settling in to Vancouver. She taught Pilates for a few years before deciding to complete her training on all the equipment.  Experiencing firsthand how amazing Pilates is, with the right instructor and studio miracles can truly happen.  Applying passion and dedication to her Pilates practice, Myola completed her exam this summer and is enjoying this new phase in her career. 

Myola is also a contemporary dance artist, who is interested in blending multi-media art forms together.  Myola has danced for a video DJ, which has been mixed at multiple venues as well as creating a Dance video instillation which has been shown in Saskatoon and Toronto.


Joni Littlejohn

Certified Pilates Instuctor, BRE/PE (dance)

Pilates Instructor: Joni LittlejohnJoni has had a long career in the fitness and Pilates industry.  Ms. Littlejohn has come full circle as she completed her initial training in Pilate's with  Monique in 1998. Joni went on to continue her training in rehabilitation, osteoporosis  and other methods of Pilates training. Joni was also a trainer of fitness leaders/aquatic leader and personal trainers for many years as well as owning fitness clubs and studios.  Joni has been a presenter at many fitness conferences and continues to present at Every Women conferences annually in Whistler.  Ms. Littlejohn is also a certified Gyrokinesis™ instructor as well as an avid yoga student.  Ms. Littlejohn is passionate about teaching and using a wealth of  experience and knowledge from a variety of disciplines to help her clients achieve their goals.  Joni is very pleased to be back at Pilates Unlimited.