Tension Release Balls

Tension Release BallsTR Ball PRO (purple)

AcuBall PRO is designed with active adults in mind. It has amazing grip to skin and all surfaces. It is also an incredible tool to deliver high quality fascial release.




TR Ball Elite (blue)

AcuBall Elite is designed with the athletes and
competitors in mind. It has incredible grip to skin and all
surfaces. Superior to a ‘lacrosse ball’ with more
grip, slightly smaller size, made from totally clean TPR.

Price: $15.95 + Tax each



Spiky Balls

Spiky BallGood for massage and fascial release.

Color: Red

Price: $9.95+Tax*




Pilates Mats

Pilates MatCan be used for Yoga as well.

Dimensions: 1/4"thick x 5' long / Color: Grey

Price: $39.95+Tax*




TherabandThera-band brand latex resistance band

Dimensions: Cut to requirement by foot.

Price: $5.00+Tax per foot




Sit Fit

Pilates SitfitUse your SitFit on top any chair and feel it working in minutes. While you simply sit, the SitFit strengthens and improves your core, promotes proper alignment, and supports good back health. Whether in your office, at your computer, or in front of the TV the SitFit strengthens and improves your core, promotes proper alignment, and supports good back health while you simply sit.

Dimensions: Approx. 13" diameter. / Price: $49.00 +Tax*



Stability Balls

Pilates BallsProfessional quality exercise ball with hand pump.

Dimensions: 55cm and 65 cm


Price: 55cm: $32.98+Tax / 65cm: $39.98+Tax*



Pilates Circle

Pilates CircleCoated steel with soft, textured ‘sticky’ pads. Tone, strengthen, sculpt, adds resistance training to your workout with added inner & outer stability pads. Free workout chart included.

Dimensions: 14" / Price: $39.99 +Tax*



Foam Rollers

Foam RollersWe have half and full foam rollers available.

Half Foam Roller:

Dimensions: half 6” round, 36" length dense foam / Price: $29.95+Tax

Full Foam Roller:

Dimensions: 6” round, 36" length dense foam / Price: $29.95+Tax*



Travel Rollers

Travel RollerThe Travel Roller is an extra firm and portable sized foam roller that has created incredible results and thousands of satisfied users.

Dimensions: 13" x 4"

Price: $44.95+Tax*





Travel Roller Complete Kit

Travel Roller Complete KitThe Travel Roller Acupressure Kit comes with its hollow storage compartment filled with:

*Instructional NEW ADVANCED - This Is How We Roll - 94 minute DVD

*Laminated exercise poster

*Three variable density acupressure balls

Dimensions: 13" x 4" / Price: $79.95+Tax*



Pilates by Rael Isacowitz

Book: Pilates by Rael IsacowitzWith 210 exercises in all, Pilates is the most comprehensive guide available on the Pilates method. A contemporary approach to the work of Joseph Pilates, this is the one book you need in order to improve posture, muscle tone, core strength, and flexibility.

Price: $34.95+Tax



Morning Pilates Workouts by Cathleen Murakami

Book: Morning Pilates Workouts by Cathleen MurakamiA Pilates routine for every morning schedule! You already know that morning workouts are the best way to exercise regularly, manage weight, and energize your day. Morning Pilates Workouts makes it easy to maximize the benefits of your early-day routine no matter what your energy level is or how much time you have to spare.

Price: $24.95+Tax



Return to Life by Joseph Pilates

Book: Return to Life by Joseph H PilatesReturn to Life Through Contrology is essential Pilates reading. In this one small book, Joseph Pilates conveys the breadth and power of the Pilates Method. Covering philosophy and technique, Pilates outlines the effective and enduring approach to whole body health that now, 63 years since the first publication of Return to Life, is one of the fastest growing fitness trends in the world.

Price: $24.95+Tax



*Prices subject to change without notice.